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1. Help Center 

Welcome to the Medely Help Center. You can quickly find answers to your questions by searching for articles in the search field above.

2. Chat Support 

Chat support is the fastest way to contact us.  If you need to contact the Medely support team, simply click on the chat icon on the bottom right corner. You can access anyone from support.

3. Email Support

It’s best to always consult the chat and in-app resources available to Facilities and Professionals (listed above), as most questions can be quickly solved there. If the chat and in-app support tools do not address your question, you can email Medely by clicking the button below.

4. Call Support

Medely answers the majority of questions via chat. We know sometimes you need to speak to someone directly, that's why we offer phone support between the hours of 9am - 6pm PST Monday through Friday.

(888) 858-7660

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