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Setting Mobile Permissions on iOS
Setting Mobile Permissions on iOS

Photo and Location Permissions on iOS

Written by Trenton Large
Updated over a week ago

Before you can start booking, clocking in, and finishing your shifts, Medely requires you to setup two permissions on your iOS device.

You’ll need to enable access to:

  1. Photo

    • This allows you to upload required documents for credentialing and shifts so you can start immediately book a shift while searching.

  2. Location

    • This allows Medely to know you are on site and will enable the clock in feature so you can start your shift.

In order to enable these permissions, log into the mobile app. You will be presented with the following screen:

Please press “continue” and when prompted, allow Medely access to your location while using the app.

Denying access to location will prevent you from being able to clock into some shifts. If you need to update location permissions, you can follow the next step card on the “Today” page.

You can also change settings manually on your phone, by going to Settings -> Applications -> Medely -> Location

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