Malpractice insurance (CRNA)

Insurance requirement specific to CRNAs

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Malpractice Insurance for CRNAs

Per Medely’s Terms of Service Agreement, CRNAs operating through the Medely platform are required to carry their own malpractice insurance in the amount of $1M each claim or occurrence / $3M aggregate and provide proof of such to us during the onboarding process.

Medely must be added as an additional insured under the insurance policy

We also ask that you include Medely as an additional insured under your insurance policy.

To do so, you can simply email your insurance provider with the following request:

I am requesting that Medely, Inc. be added as an additional insured under my malpractice insurance coverage to the extent I provide services through their platform. I expect to provide [insert number] of hours of clinical services a week through Medely. Please provide a certificate of insurance showing them listed as a certificate holder and additional insured. Such coverage needs to be provided on a primary and noncontributory basis and include a waiver of subrogation.

Sample insurance policy showing Medely as an additional insured

A sample malpractice insurance policy listing Medely as an additional insured can be found below:

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