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Professional - Stripe Express walkthrough for 2022 1099s
Professional - Stripe Express walkthrough for 2022 1099s

Learn about how to manage your 1099 tax forms through Stripe Express

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If you earned $600 or more as a Healthcare Professional in 2022, you have access to Stripe Express, a prebuilt web and mobile dashboard Medely has partnered with to manage your tax information and receive 1099s electronically.

This article will walk you though the entire process, from creating your Stripe Express account to downloading your 1099 tax forms. Click on a specific section below to skip ahead or start from the beginning:

Note: All screenshots in this article are for reference use only. There may be slight differences in the screens that appear in your account.

The Stripe Express dashboard

Stripe Express dashboard for connected account taxes

The Stripe Express dashboard allows you to consent for e-delivery, download your 1099 tax forms, and update your tax information.

Stripe Express dashboard for connected accounts

If you're eligible, Stripe emailed you to confirm your tax information and update your delivery preferences. You must locate this email in order to register for Stripe Express. Continue to the following section to learn more.

Email from Stripe (confirm your information)

How to locate the Stripe Express email

  1. Check your email. The email was sent to the same email address you used to create your Medely account

  2. Search for the subject line, ‘Action required to receive your Medely 2022 tax form.’ The image below displays the content of the email

  3. If you're unable to locate the email using the subject line, search for the sender: [email protected]

  4. If you're still unable to locate the email with [email protected], you can request a new invite link by clicking here

Stripe Express Tax form email from Stripe.

Claim your Stripe Express account

After you click the Get Started button in the email, you're taken to this screen.

The Stripe Express page to create an account.

If you're already logged in to your Stripe Express account, you'll proceed to the next screen. This step is only needed if you don’t already have a Stripe Express account.

Set up two-factor authentication

If you're logged in to your Stripe Express account, already have a Stripe Express account, or have proceeded from the login screen, you'll be asked for a two-factor authentication (2FA) code sent to the phone number associated with your account.

Stripe Express account two-factor authentication dialog.

Verify your identity

After 2FA is complete, Stripe will prompt you to verify your identity. If, after a few attempts, you're unable to enter details that match your account, you'll be prompted to check with Medely to confirm your details.

The error message reads:

One of the fields didn’t match the information we received from Medely. You can try again, or check that your information with Medely is up to date.

If you receive this message, please contact Medely's Support team using the chat icon in your Medely account to verify your information.

Stripe Express account Verify your identity dialog

Verify your tax form details

After you verify your details, go to the Tax forms page to confirm your tax information.

The Tax forms page of the Express Dashboard

You can choose to skip temporarily if you want to leave your information as is.

However, if your name and TIN combination doesn’t match IRS records or Stripe is unable to complete KYC requirements, you will be blocked from your account.

If you get blocked from your account, please contact support using the chat icon.

If you've verified your account and if you change your name or TIN, you'll be asked to re-sign a new Stripe Terms of Service Agreement.

The dialog displayed to users to confirm their information.

Consent to e-delivery

After you confirm your tax information, Stripe will prompt you to provide consent for e-delivery.

The dialog to consent to e-delivery of tax forms

You can also choose to request a paper copy in addition to the e-delivery of the tax form.

The dialog to optionally request a paper copy of tax forms

After filing your 1099 tax forms in your Stripe dashboard, you'll receive an email from Stripe to view your tax form electronically. The subject line reads ‘Your Medely 1099 tax form is ready.’ The following image displays the content of the email.

Email from Stripe (your 1099 tax forms are ready)

The 1099 electronic delivery email to users

After you agree to the e-delivery terms, you can download your form when it's available on January 31, 2023 (note: paper forms delivered by postal delivery might take up to 10 additional business days).

Download your tax forms

Stripe Express dashboard where payees can download their 1099 tax forms

When you attempt to download the form, you're prompted to enter the last four digits of your TIN. Downloads are unavailable for 24 hours after you make an update to any personal information including name, address, business type, or TIN.

The dialog to verify your SSN information to securely access tax forms.
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