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Sending a referral should be about more than just earning some extra cash. When you refer someone to Medely, you’re saying a couple of things. First, you’re letting them know you enjoy Medely – that it works for you. Second, you’re telling them you think it would be a good fit for your friend or colleague as well.

The actual process of sending a referral is pretty straightforward. We’ve got some FAQs and an article on assignment referrals if you’re not familiar with how they work at Medely. But there’s more than just hitting share or sending someone a code.

Convincing someone to change their per diem or travel agency can be a pretty big lift, so we’ve put together some of our best tips on how to share your Medely love with them.

Step 1: Help them learn about Medely.

If your friends and colleagues haven’t heard about Medely, it’ll make it more difficult to convince them to check us out. You can help set the stage by doing a few things to introduce them to Medely before you refer them.

At work

An easy way to start conversations about Medely is just wearing your Medely badge while on the job. If you’ve worked travel assignments with us, you might also have some Medely swag you can use while on-the-job. These are some passive ways to make sure your coworkers have seen our name and logo before.

You can also share what you love about Medely when appropriate. If the topic of agencies comes up, feel free to share what you love about Medely – but don’t overdo it. Keep the conversation natural – if they ask for more info, share it, but don’t force it.

On social media

If you’re engaging with Medely on social media – liking posts, commenting, or even sharing our posts – there’s a good chance your friends on that platform will start to see Medely on a regular basis. Much like using our swag at work, this will help them become familiar with who we are and maybe catch a glimpse of what we’re all about.

Sharing Medely content

Did you read our latest blog post and think, “I know who needs to read this!” Well, share away. Our content is designed to give pros useful information for their careers, so hopefully, you’ve come across a useful tidbit that’s just right to share.

Step 2: Be personal.

Sure, you can click the share button on an assignment and use the default text… but your contact is going to feel like you sent them a stock message. Make sure you tailor your message to the person you’re sending it to. At a minimum you should:

  1. Be positive and show excitement about the opportunity.

  2. Explain why you think this would be a good assignment for them.

  3. Share a reason you enjoy working with Medely and tie that into why we’d be a good fit for them too.

If you’re referring them for per diem work, you’ll have a code to share with them. You can use the same outline above for your message, but make sure to let them know that when they talk to a Medely recruiter they need to give them your name and the code.

Step 3: Follow up.

We get it. We’re all busy. But if you really want your friend to discover Medely, make sure you follow up with them within a couple of days. Depending on the market, assignments can fill up quickly, so make sure you don’t leave the referral lingering for too long.

Following up is as easy as:

  1. Making sure they got the message from the Medely system and asking if they looked at the assignment.

  2. Checking to make sure the assignment is a good fit.

  3. Offering to answer any questions they may have.

Again, if you’re referring them for per diem work it’ll work a little differently. Make sure to ask if they’ve started signing up or have any unanswered questions.

Step 4: Don’t be pushy.

Besides all the altruistic reasons you’d ask them to sign up for Medely, you likely do have a little money riding on the line. While earning your referral reward is a great bonus, make sure you’re not irritating or alienating your professional contacts or friends just to make a buck. Many of us have a friend like that on Facebook and we do our best to avoid them. If you’ve referred them and followed up, but they don’t seem interested, don’t be afraid to drop the issue.

So there you have it – our best practices for referring your friends and colleagues to Medely. As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about referring that haven’t been covered here or by our other articles or FAQ. Just reach out to our support team by emailing [email protected].

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