We’ve been hard at work and we’re excited to announce some incredible new features for nurses and allied health professionals on our platform, one of which is long overdue.

1. 24-Hour Clock

You use a 24-hour clock (or “military time”) in your facilities, on your time cards, really… just about everywhere professionally. Except Medely. So we fixed that for you. Starting today, times on the Medely platform will be displayed using a 24-hour clock.

2. Refreshed Dashboard

Here’s where things start to get interesting. Previously our dashboard would show you any job or assignment scheduled today plus a quick look ahead at the next few jobs, assignments, or interviews – each in their own tab. You also had a way to quickly get your booking history and some easy-to-miss links to search for new opportunities.

Our updated dashboard starts on the Today tab – any Per Diem or Assignment bookings for today are front and center. If you don’t have a booking for today, you’ll see a nice, big, hard-to-miss button to search for your next opportunity.

Across the top you’ll see tabs for Booked and Interviews, allowing you to quickly check what you have scheduled in the future.

But back on the Today tab, you’ll see something else below any bookings for today: Your To-Do list. This new feature gives you a clear picture of any outstanding tasks you need to complete. This can range from reviewing and accepting an assignment offer to updating expired or missing credentials.

The current list of To-Do items can include:

  • Review/Accept Your Assignment Offer

  • Respond to Assignment Interview Request

  • Update Your Credentials

  • Complete Skill Assessments

  • Finish Profile

  • Coming Soon: Upload Your Timesheet

Your updated Dashboard and To-Do list is the first thing you’ll see when you log in, putting the information you’re most likely to need right where you need it.

3. Performance Tab

The all-new Performance tab replaces the Earnings tab in your main navigation. But don’t worry! Your Earnings are the first thing you’ll see when you click into Performance. You’ll be able to see any direct deposits made during the current month, or quickly select previous months from the drop-down list to check on a past payment.

But there’s two additional tabs here in the Performance section. Next up is History which shows you both previous jobs and timesheets you’ve already turned in. Again, it will default to the current month, but you can easily look through different months by using the drop-down lists.

The third tab in the new Performance section is Stats. Here you will find a growing list of statistics on your job performance as well as the target value that facilities are looking for on each of them. To start with you’ll see your current Commitment Rate (the percentage of times you’ve booked and then completed a job) and your On-time Clock In Rate. This list of stats will grow over time based on user feedback from both facilities and pros.

That’s it for today’s update. As always, we hope these new features will make using Medely easier to find and book the per diem jobs and long-term assignments that are right for you.

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