A Psychiatric RN is a nurse who specializes in the care of individuals with mental health issues. People who need this care may suffer from a range of psychiatric conditions, including depression, acute grief, drug or alcohol addiction, personality disorders and psychoses. A Psychiatric Nurse most commonly provides evidence based nursing care to deliver advanced mental health care to people in a variety of environments and units. More than many other nursing specialization, the psychiatric nurse is responsible for talking and listening to individuals. They also work closely with psychologists and psychiatrists – healthcare providers and physicians who specialize in the care of individuals who need mental health intervention.

Psychiatric nurses work in many environments. A few common ones are

  • Hospitals

  • Psychiatric hospitals

  • Home healthcare organizations

  • Prisons

  • Outpatient mental health organizations

  • Schools that serve people with emotional and mental issues


  • Take mental health histories from individuals and families

  • Review physical exams to ensure that physical problems do not exist that might explain mental health issues or that might interfere with psychiatric interventions

  • Analyze and monitor results of tests

  • Evaluate mental health problems and formulate nursing diagnoses based on the history, exam and testing

  • Create plans of care for patients and families based on the patient problems and nursing diagnoses

  • Administer and monitor medication and treatments based on the plan of care

  • Evaluate the patient’s/ client’s response to prescribed medications and treatments

  • Teach and collaborate with patients and families about the findings and plan of care

  • Collaborate with and educate other members of the healthcare team.


  • 8+ months of recent working experience as a Psychiatric RN (not including clinicals)

  • Current BLS certification

  • Current TB Screening

  • Active/Unencumbered State Nursing license

  • Valid Photo Identification or Driver's License

  • Successful completion of a Background Check and Medely's screening process

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