Here at Medely, we offer two different types of assignments (3 weeks or longer):

  • Travel Assignments – These offer a weekly pay rate which is partially taxed and partially non-taxed. The non-taxed portion of the pay package is a stipend allotted by the GSA for lodging and meals. They are intended to be filled by professionals residing at least 50 miles or more from the facility.

  • (Local) Assignments – (Non-travel) These are considered local assignments. While they are typically intended for local professionals, this type of assignment can be booked by any professional on the platform regardless of where you live. The pay package is comparable to travel assignments except that the pay does not have a tax free portion which qualifies anyone to apply for and accept the assignment since you don’t have to live greater than 50+ miles from the facility.

The easiest way to tell the difference between types of assignments is by looking at the compensation. W2 travel assignments show both a pay rate and stipends. 1099 assignments only show a single amount with no breakdown.

The two types of assignments have a different pay schedule as well:

  • Travel Assignments – Payment is processed weekly, on Fridays, and will include the week’s pay and stipend amounts.

  • (Local) Assignments – These pay out exactly like per diem jobs. Payment begins processing within 1-2 business days of the end of each shift and generally posts within 6 business days.

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