Q. How do I refer my friends and colleagues to Medely?

A. There are two ways you can refer colleagues to Medely – both right within the app.

First, on eligible assignments, you can click on the Share button and send an email, text message, or Facebook message with a personalized invite and a link to the specific job.

Second, you can choose “Refer a friend” from the Medely menu. This section of the app will give you your personal Medely Referral Code as well as list our current referral programs.

You can share your referral code with your friends and colleagues, who will have the opportunity to enter the code when they sign up for Medely. Each program in this section also includes an option to email or text your colleague and invite them to sign up for Medely.

Q. How do I earn money by referring others to Medely?

A. If your referral signs up and books through Medely and meets the specific criteria for one of our referral rewards programs, you will automatically receive your referral reward at the next quarterly reward payout.

Q. Wait. What criteria?

A. Each of our referral programs has specific criteria related to specialties, number of jobs booked, length of assignment, or some combination of all three.

In the past we have offered rewards for the following specialities: ICU RN, L&D RN, Circulating, ER, MedSurg RN, NP, Allied Healthcare Professionals, and more.

Q. How many people can I refer?

A. First of all, we’re really glad you like Medely enough to keep referring your friends and coworkers! Secondly, there’s no limit on how many referrals you can make!

Q. Are referrals for new users only?

A. Yes and no. Our referrals for per diem professionals are for new users only.

However, our referral program for travel professionals will allow you to refer a user who has only booked per diem jobs on our platform.

Q. How much is a referral reward worth?

A. We have several referral rewards running at any time. It’s likely that each of these pay differently. Please check our referrals page for the latest referral rewards being offered.

Q. Will Medely contact my referral directly?

A. If your referral signs up for Medely they will be contacted as part of our normal onboarding process. Since we do not have any information on the people you refer until they sign up, we have no way of contacting them until they give us permission and contact information.

Q. How long does it take to receive rewards once my referral signs up for Medely?

A. Referrals rewards are typically paid once your referral completes a certain number of qualifying jobs or assignments. Once your referral meets the applicable eligibility requirements, you will automatically receive your reward at the next quarterly referral reward payout..

Q. How are referral rewards paid? Do I need to give Medely any additional information?

A. Hold on – that was two questions. Let’s take them one at a time.

Referral rewards are paid using the account information on file for you with Medely. So no… we typically won’t need any new information in order for you to receive your referral reward.

Q. I have specific questions about a referral program or an award payout. Who should I contact with these questions?

A. Please email [email protected] with any additional questions about our referral programs or specific reward payouts.

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