Congratulations on booking your first job with Medely! You probably have a few questions. Hopefully this will answer them for you.

  • How do I clock in and out? You will be able to clock in up to seven minutes prior to your shift start time. The START JOB button will not appear until then. After you've clicked START JOB, confirm the displayed start time or edit it to reflect the time you started, then click CONFIRM. After clocking in, you will see the END JOB button which will allow you to clock out at the end of your shift.

  • Should I arrive early? No one likes feeling rushed and under-prepared. Using those extra seven minutes to orient yourself to the facility is probably a good idea.

  • What should I wear? Not all facilities will have scrubs available in your size. In order to avoid being sent home - always arrive in your own scrubs. But, be prepared to change in case the facility would like for you to wear their scrubs.

  • What about a badge? You can request a Medely badge after you've worked three shifts with Medely by clicking here. Until then, the facility should provide you with a temporary badge.

  • When will I get paid? After clocking out of a job, your payment will be automatically processed. Payments are deposited into your bank account within 6 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) from the date of your shift, depending on your bank's processing time.

  • Is my direct deposit set up? The Medely platform will not let you book a job until you have provided your direct deposit information. You can verify or change your direct deposit settings by going to Settings > Payment and Tax Information > locate your direct deposit account > click on the three horizontal dots > Edit.

  • What kind of charting does the facility have? Each facility is different. Most have moved to an EHR system, but some do still use paper charting. The facility will orient you to their charting system during your first shift with them. Feel free to call the facility for more details before the start of your shift.

  • Can I call the facility? Yes! We encourage you to call the facility after booking a job if you need facility-specific information. To do so, view the job details from My Dashboard > click on the job > Call Facility. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and ask any questions about the shift to make sure you are as prepared as possible to work at the facility.

  • What happens if they ask me to stay late? As you know, facilities will often ask professionals to extend their shift. If you are not able to work later than the scheduled shift time, it's best to inform the facility as early as possible so they can plan accordingly. If you are able to stay late, simply clock out at the time you end your shift. Earnings are calculated based on clock-in and clock-out times, so professionals will always be paid for their time worked, regardless if the job goes past the scheduled end time, as long as their punch times are correct.

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