Interventional radiology (IR) is a medical specialty that performs minimally invasive treatments using radiologic imaging for procedure guidance. Interventional radiology treatments have become the primary method of care for a variety of conditions, offering less risk, less pain and less recovery time, compared to open surgery.

As a member of the radiology team the Interventional Radiology Tech works alongside interventional radiologists and nurses. The technologist assists the interventional radiologist with diagnostic angiographic procedures as well as complex vascular and nonvascular interventional and therapeutic procedures. They must have a combination of technical, radiological and clinical skills.

IR Techs work in hospitals, clinics or OBLs (outpatient based labs)

Duties and responsibilities of an IR Tech include but are not limited to:

  • Prepares and administers contrast media and medications within the accepted scope of practice and applicable state and federal regulations.

  • Prepares and positions patients and selects anatomic and technical parameters accurately.

  • Implements safe, competent and efficient procedure care to IR patients within policies, procedures and standards of care across a variety of populations and complexity of situations within the scope of practice.

  • Demonstrates expertise in IR Technologist technical skills, image-acquisition, transferring and archiving of images, trouble shooting skills and expert knowledge of supplies and equipment used during IR procedures.

  • Circulating and scrubbing roles during procedures, patient teaching, assisting with patient care within scope of practice, inventory management and schedule coordination

  • Performs at an expert clinical level and assists the physician in the performance of pediatric and adult VIR, Neuro-Endovascular procedures and Vascular Surgery procedures; including both diagnostic and interventional.

  • Assures that informed consent has been obtained on the patient prior to the start of the procedure and that all questions and concerns have been answered to the patient’s satisfaction. Actively participates in the Universal Protocol for all procedures

  • Able to identify adverse events or unanticipated outcomes using critical thinking skills and notifies the medical staff including nurses and physicians appropriately

  • Observes patient during procedure and reports abnormal activity. Monitors protocols and recommends updates or refinements as warranted.

  • Follows radiation safety procedures and guidelines.

  • Able to perform all specialized imaging procedures such as angio, complex vascular and nonvascular interventional and therapeutic procedures, along with assisting the Radiologist.

  • Ensures all activities comply with regulatory agency standards.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 8+ months recent work experience as an IR Tech

  • ARRT certification

  • State License (if required per state)

  • Current BLS

  • Current TB Screen

  • Valid Photo Identification/Driver's License

  • Successful completion of a Background Check and Medely's screening process

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