Medely has created a plan of action in response to the COVID-19 crisis to ensure our professionals working per diem shifts are supported to be able to work safely and without interruption. 

  • Healthcare professionals should stay home if you are exhibiting even the slightest signs of illness.*

  • Elective surgeries may be canceled to allocate healthcare facility space and resources to care for COVID-19 patients. Check your app daily to see how you can help during this time. You can view a complete list of the positions we currently offer by frequently viewing and updating your assignment preferences. If there is a position you believe you are experienced in and qualified for, please inform our support team. 

* Cancellations due to COVID-19 exposure should be communicated with our support team via chat or [email protected]. Excessive cancellations may not be honored in the event of non-related issues or exploiting this temporary guideline.

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