Mother Baby RNs, also referred to as Postpartum Nurses, specialize in attending to the physical and emotional health needs of female patients along with their newborns after the labor process is finished. These nurses are responsible for making sure that both the mother and her baby are well cared for up until they are discharged from the hospital. In addition to caring for the physical and emotional well-being of their patients, a large portion of the postpartum nurse's job is to teach new parents important skills, such as changing diapers, feeding the baby, and more.

Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring the vital signs of both mother and baby to make sure that the infant is thriving and the mother is recovering

  • Being alert to any signs or symptoms that could point to complications of childbirth, such as failure to thrive, postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum depression

  • Instructing new mothers on how to care for their babies, including how to bathe, change and feed them and care for the umbilical cord

  • Helping the mother establish a breastfeeding relationship if she wishes

  • Supporting the mother in her choices and reinforcing her ability and aptitude in caring for her child

  • Referring the mother to additional resources such as breastfeeding support groups

  • Consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patients’ (both mother and infant) care plans

  • Monitors bonding between mother and infant

  • Maintains a comfortable, safe and clean environment for mother and infant

  • Measures input/output of mother and infant

  • Postpartum assessments

  • Infant assessments

  • Teach the new parents on how to care, bathe, breastfeed, and/or bottle-feed the newborn, and monitor his or her health.

  • Dispense meds such as antibiotics and/or pain medication as needed

  • Monitors mother and infant and reports adverse reactions to any treatments or medications being given

  • Documents all care information concisely, accurately and completely

Minimum Requirements:

  • 8+ months of recent working experience as Mother Baby/Postpartum RN

  • Current BLS, NRP

  • Current TB Screen

  • Active/Unencumbered State Nursing license

  • Valid Photo Identification/Driver's License

  • Successful completion of a Background Check and Medely's screening process

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