1. Go to https://medely.com/professionals and create an account by entering the required fields and password you would like to use. If you ever forget your password or would like to reset it, you can do so at https://medely.com/people/password/new. If you need to pause at any point in the sign up process, you are able to log back in right where you left off.

  2. Once you create your account, you will be prompted to enter your information, the market you will be based in, the type of positions, and a referral code if you have one. NOTE: Please be sure all of the information you provide is 100% accurate

  3. Upload your resume.

  4. Once your application is accepted you will receive an email and SMS message to select a date and time for your phone screening.

  5. Authorize and pass a background check.

  6. Upload your credentials

  7. Set up your direct deposit.

  8. Once your credentials are accepted you will receive an email and SMS to login

  9. Hop online and book your first job!

If you're ever unsure of where you are in the sign-up process, you can check your status at medely.com

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