The primary purpose of the Sterile Processing Technician is to collect, clean, decontaminate, disinfect and/or sterilize surgical instruments, trays and packs, reusable medical devices and patient care equipment according to established standards and procedures to ensure sterile and functioning supply of materials and equipment. The Sterile ProcessingTechnician understands microbiology and infection control standards.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge of reusable surgical instrumentation, microsurgical instrumentation, and power equipment.

  • Knowledge and operation of sterile processing equipment (washers, steam, gas, ultrasonic and chemical sterilizers).

  • Knowledge/experience with high level disinfection processes and different types of sterilization materials and equipment to choose the appropriate method of sterilization for particular equipment or supplies.

  • Decontaminates and sterilizes instruments, medical supplies and equipment, and assembles, wraps and sterilizes trays of instruments. Follows proper Standard Precautions while in decontamination and sterilization areas.

  • Monitors biological and chemical wash solution to ensure quality and consistency for decontamination of instruments and medical equipment.

  • Document and maintain accurate sterilization records.

  • Inspect, assemble and test general and specialty instrumentation for proper functioning.

  • Verifies that equipment functions properly, requisitions for equipment maintenance, repair or replacement, and removes defective equipment. Perform simple maintenance on equipment (i.e.: clean filters and drains)

  • Preparing and delivering all necessary equipment and instruments for surgeries, examinations, medical procedures, and medical carts.

  • Restocks, labels, and maintains inventory, submits requisitions, collects and distributes instruments, trays, crash carts, and facility medical equipment.

  • Assists with maintaining established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, and quality improvement, safety, and environmental and infection control standards.

  • Familiarity with medical terminology and departmental supply items is required.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 8+ months of recent work experience as a sterile processing technician (not including clinical rotations/internships/externships) 

  • Current BLS Card

  • Current TB Screen

  • National certification as a Central/Sterile Processing Technician (if required per state)

  • Valid Identification/Driver's License

  • Successful completion of a Background Check and Medely's screening process

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